MDPro M4 Handheld Bladder Scanner

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The M4 bladder scanner, powered by Peaksonic technology, is a compact and portable device that offers convenient connectivity to phones and tablets. It finds applications in various medical departments such as surgery, emergency, ICU, obstetrics, gynecology, radiotherapy, home health, and nursing homes. This advanced scanner plays a crucial role in clinical catheterization, assessing post-void residual volume after urination, and assisting in the auxiliary diagnosis of bladder and kidney diseases. It is particularly beneficial for patients with lower body disability or loss of auto-urination function, as it helps determine the appropriate timing for urination.

Non-invasive urinary bladder volume measurement
Volume measurement accuracy: ±7%
Reduce unnecessary catheterisation
Rapid scanning, measurement result within seconds
No annual calibration needed
Modes selection: Easy, Expert Mode, Intelligence Mode
Easy-to-learn and use
Perform 3D imaging of bladder volume
2 orthorhombic images
Printable patient info/bladder volume
Internal storage on tablet, PC, or mobile phone
Large data storage space: 10,000+ cases
Patient history information review
WiFi connection to tablet, PC, or mobile phone
User-friendly capacitive touch screen
Multiple language options
Lightweight, Rechargeable battery

Working Modes:
Modes selection: Easy, Expert and Intelligence. Expert mode is the default.
When performing a pre-scan, the operator will observe the following exam results:
• Move the probe till the center of the bladder image reaches the green line
• Press scan button once the biggest bladder section is detected
• Twelve real time bladder ultrasonic images will be displayed during scanning

Docking station included
Samsung tablet included
Optional Carrying Bag
Optional Cart


• Automatic bladder positioning
• 3D scan imaging
• Wireless report printing via optional bluetooth printer

Data Transmission:
PC software included for PDF reports

Data Storage:
Internal storage on phone or tablet (iOS and Android)
1000 patient history information review

Battery Life:
Continuous Usage- 2 hrs 20 min
Stand By› 4 hrs 20 min
Power saving mode with automatic shutdown options after 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

Docking station included
Samsung tablet included
Optional Carrying Bag
Optional Cart


Modes of Scan
3D Scan
Probe Frequency
2.5 MHZ
Volume Measurement Accuracy
±7%%, ±7ml
Scanning Time
< 5 seconds
Measure Volume
Operation Mode
Easy, Expert, Intelligence Mode
Language Selection
Multiple language:
English, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese,
Finnish, Chinese, French, Danish,
Dutch, Norsk, German, Italian
Battery Capacity
2400 mAh


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