MDPro M2 Bladder Scanner

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Handheld M2 Bladder Scanner Powered by Peaksonic – Fast, Accurate, and Portable!

Measure urinary volume and post-void residual (PVR) effortlessly with the handheld M2 bladder scanner. This non-invasive device features a 12-slice 3D scan for quick and accurate results. No calibration required. Enjoy a high-volume measurement accuracy of ±7%. Ideal for on-the-go healthcare professionals.

This advanced bladder scanner features a 2.4″ LCD Touchscreen Display, 2.5hr Continuous Scan Time, 2.5 MHz Probe Frequency and multiple display modes.

With advanced technology and capabilities in a sleek design, the M2 is suitable for various medical departments and helpful for patients with lower body disabilities or loss of auto-urination function. Providing the basis for clinical catheterization, post-void residual assessment, and diagnosis of bladder and kidney diseases.


  • 2.4-inch LCD display and touch screen
  • Non-invasive 3D urinary bladder volume measurement and bladder volume values are printable
  • Volume measurement accuracy: ±7%
  • Large data storage space: 10,000+ cases
  • Rapid scanning, measurement results within seconds
  • No annual calibration is needed


Scan Modes: 3D Scan

Print Mode: Wireless Bluetooth Printer (Optional)

Working Mode(s): Easy, Expert, and Intelligence Mode


MDPro M2 Bladder Scanner Brochure