i15 Vet Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer (POCT)

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As a brand new POCT device specially designed for critical care, i15Vet is portable, easy to use, and performs flexible tests on a single disposable cartridge. i15Vet brings a new era of blood, gas, and chemistry analysis, and enables you to quickly and effectively monitor and manage your patients.



  • Small size and lightweight with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3-step operation procedure to increase efficiency
  • Complete maintenance-free
  • Standby at any time without reagent consumption
  • Auto sample aspiration and calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Seamless integration with LIS/HIS through wired and wireless networking
  • 10,000 patient data storage and USB data transfer
  • Friendly user interface with color LCD touch screen and traffic light indicator
  • Build-in multimedia tutorials
  • Flexible tests combination on a single cartridge
  • Long cartridge storage life at room temperature, ready to use at any time
  • BUN/Urea & Creatinine
  • Coagulation test (ACT, APTT, PT)
  • Immunoassay panels
  • Calculated Values: HCO3-act, HCO3-std, BE(ecf), BE(B), BB(B), ctCO2, sO2(est), Ca++(7.4), AnGap, tHb(est), pO2(A-a), pO2(a/A), RI, pO2/FIO2, cH+(T), pH(T), pCO2(T), pO2(T), pO2(A-a)(T), pO2(a/A)(T), RI(T), pO2(T)/FIO2, Ca++(7.4)
  • Future menu in development


Variety of Test Cartridges:

  • BG3: pH, pCO2, pO2
  • BG8: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na, K, Cl, Ca, Hct
  • BC4: Na, K, Cl, Ca, Hct
  • BG4: pH, pCO2, pO2, Lac
  • BG9: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na, K, Cl, Ca, Glu, Hct
  • BG10: pH, pCO2, pO2 Na, K, Cl, Ca, Glu, Lac, Hct



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