MDPro is proud to announce its partnership with VitalsXchange, a wireless integration method from our MDPro patient monitors to PointClickCare’s cloud-based EMR.

VitalsXchange offers a single platform that spans care settings to enhance care transitions between visits, patient management within visits, and network optimization across visits. PointClickCare unites the richest, post-acute data set with the most expansive, full-continuum network, giving care teams immediate, point-of-care access to deep, real-time insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey.

Features and Benefits

The MDPro 2500 Patient Monitor:

The MDPro 2500 patient monitor is an ideal monitor to connect with VitalsXchange robust data management platform.

PCC's Primary Medical Practices

Why is Integration Important?

Integration between medical facilities and EMR systems help to improve patient care and expedite turnaround times. PointClickCare is one of the industry-leading EMR’s, trusted by some of the largest healthcare facilities in the world. In addition, PointClickCare is one of the top-rated EMR systems with over 9 industry awards for best healthcare software.

Direct integration with VitalsXchange allows medical professionals to seamlessly send patient parameters from our monitors to their resident files on PointClickCare.  No extra steps in between or extra software are needed. Additional features such as internal wifi and internal memory on monitors such as the MDPro 2500 and the Edan iM3, allow medical facilities to instantly send data or send a summary report for all residents after rounds.

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