Youkey Soloscan P50 Ultrasound Scanner

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The Soloscan P50 Ultrasound Scanner offers advanced technology and a wide range of clinical applications in a lightweight, portable, and handheld design. The P50 is designed for the most demanding healthcare environments and features built-in WiFi and USB connection, enabling external display operation with computers, tablets, and smartphones. With the P50, ultrasounds can be done anytime, anywhere.


Probe Types

  • Transvaginal (E10-4Ks)
  • Convex (C5-2Ks)
  • Linear (L11-4Ks)
  • Small Linear (L11-4Gs)
  • Micro-Convex (C8-5Ks)
  • Dual Use Convex & Cardiac Probe (C5-2FS)


  • High-Definition Ultrasound Images
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Handheld Design
  • Wi-Fi & USB Connection (Android/iOS/Windows Support)
  • ¬†Detachable Probe Technology (6 Probe Types)
    • Swap and connect different probes to the main device in seconds
  • 4 hour Continuous Battery Life
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Up to 10x Max Zoom
  • Patient Information Management (DICOM 3.0 Support)


Modes: B, BM, 2B, THI, Color, Power, PW

Size: 150mm*40mm*25mm

Weight: 160g (.35lbs)


Youkey Soloscan P50 Ultrasound Scanner Brochure