SafeTag Infection Control Timer

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SafeTag is an innovative medical indicator that streamlines the decontamination process through a time-sensitive color-changing mechanism. This revolutionary solution simplifies manual procedures, granting healthcare workers more time to dedicate to providing optimal care for their patients. The incidence of healthcare-associated infections continues to rise, with the emergence of new infections and increasingly resistant bacterial strains posing significant threats.

With a focus on enhancing infection control and minimizing costly errors, SafeTag facilitates the decontamination of endoscopes, ensuring healthcare workers adhere to regulations and guidelines effectively, thus reducing the risk of patient infection.


*Standard carton contains 150 pcs


  • 3 different types (HangTag, TrayTag, TrackerTag)
  • 12 month shelf life
  • 12 day max run time
  • Automatic activation
  • Calibrated for use at room temperature/humidity
  • Accuracy: +- 5 Minutes
  • Activation starts once seal on exterior packaging is broken
  • Non-toxic, latex, silicone, and PVC free


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