MIR Spirobank II Advanced

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Spirometer and Oximeter* Advanced Version:

  • With the advanced version, you can perform tests in real-time with a wireless connection (Bluetooth®).
  • Complete spirometry test including PRE and POST bronchodilator and over 45 parameters measured with optional oximeter test.
  • A portable mini-laboratory for specialists.
  • Advanced Spirobank II simply and clearly measures SpO2* (saturation) and pulse rate with a plethysmographic curve. The test’s final results are displayed directly on the screen.
  • Also ideal for pediatricians to immediately diagnose bronchiolitis.
  • Wide array of sensors, adults, children, and infants, including ear sensor.
  • The optional oximeter unit can in any case be added easily and quickly at a later time.
  • The Bluetooth unit, a standard feature for this version, allows the Spirobank II to be easily integrated with external platforms and tablets.
  • Kits for software developers are available upon request.
  • Medical-standard battery charger with interchangeable international plugs and standard oximeter-holder belt standard on Advanced Plus.

*(optional oximeter unit)

Turbine Flow Meter:

  • The digital MIR turbine is a simple and extremely reliable mechanical system that is immune to variations in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and air viscosity
  • Spirobank II® can use the disposable FlowMIR turbine.
  • FlowMIR guarantees maximum accuracy and utmost hygiene, having been tested and packaged individually.
  • FlowMIR is an exclusive product patented by MIR and allows for a complete spirometry test (expiration and inspiration) as prescribed by ATS guidelines and offers a huge advantage over antibacterial filters, thereby reducing costs and processing time of spirometers.
  • Upon request, a reusable turbine flow meter is also available. Precision and accuracy guaranteed on time.


Spirobank II®can function alone as well as connected to a Windows® computer via USB or Bluetooth® (Advanced version). Spirometer and oximeter testing (Advanced version) performed by Spirobank II can be downloaded to WinspiroPRO, the program provided with all MIR products, for a detailed analysis (trends, exporting, etc.). With WinspiroPRO, you can automatically see the oximeter data transmitted by the Spirobank II according to the type of test chosen (Spot, 6MWT, Sleep Test).


  • Spirobank II® features careful design and user-friendly technology, making it the new standard in the field of portable spirometry.
  • Functions quickly and intuitively with an icon-based navigation menu. FVC and VC tests with main parameters always activated. Ideal for family doctors.
  • High-resolution display screen, backlit for use in emergency medicine.
  • Estimated Lung Age (ELA) immediately measures benefits after quitting smoking.
  • An indicator light provides an immediate diagnosis.
  • The tests are analyzed directly on the display without having to connect to a computer.
  • Memory can hold up to 10,000 tests.
  • Long-life rechargeable battery (around 40 hours).
  • USB connection.