Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter

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Adaptable to Changing Monitoring Needs

3-in-1 device for use as a bedside, handheld, or transport monitor


  • Rechargeable Battery – 4-hour battery life for extended monitoringas a handheld device
  • Connectivity Options – Integrated wirelessconnectivity with 802.11 radio & Bluetooth®
  • Intuitive User Interface – Easily navigate and configure settings using the high-definition, multi-touch display
  • Electronic Charting – Automated documentation of patient data using Masimo Patient SafetyNet™* or Iris Gateway™ to interface with hospital EMR system
  • Plethysmographic Waveform – High-resolution plethysmographic waveform and optional RRa waveform provide real-time visibility
  • Automatic Display Rotation – Versatile screen automatically adjusts to device orientation
  • Seamless Upgrade to Root® – Docking capability on Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform


Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter Brochure