M3A Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, SpO2 & Temp)

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EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor provides essential measurements for the patient’s SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate, and Temp. It offers a high cost-performance ratio to give care teams throughout the hospital most of the information they need at the patient’s side.



  • 3.5″ color TFT LCD and clear LED numeric indication display
  • NIBP, SpO2, and Quick Temp vital signs parameters measurements
  • Power-environment design enables a longer battery working time up to 21 hours while generating much less noise
  • User-friendly design provides convenient access to frequently used function
  • Spot-check and continual working modes with a unique alarm system to meet most clinical needs
  • High capability data storage
  • Powerful storage capacity
  • Backlight control and standby mode for power saving
  • Smart data management via PatientCare Viewer software
  • Nurse call
  • Adaptability to adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • Complete solution to easy mounting for different working environments
  • Comparison Chart of M3A and M3


02.01.210119 EDAN SH1 Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor
01.57.040205-12 Adult Cuff (25cm-35cm)
01.59.036118-11 NIBP Tube (3m) with connector
22.04.240612 Infrared Ear Temperature Kit (temp probe, sample box of probe covers)
01.13.036106 Power Cord (USA standard)
01.21.064143 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery   (14.8V, 2.2Ah)


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