Platinum Price List

How MDPro Offers its Exclusive Discounts

MDPro is a master distributor to thousands of dealers across the world. We take our discounts very seriously and aim to incentivize dealers that consistently stock and purchase our products on a weekly or monthly basis. Through our relationships with manufacturers, we have helped to save money and we hope to pass those savings onto you!

How Do I Get Great Discounts?

MDPro looks at the overall scope of an organization to determine the level of discount applied. Those with a proven track record and the longevity of your account with us help to factor in available discounts. First-time discounts may also be of availability depending on the price and quantity of your order. You can get discounts from MDPRO if you’re a platinum dealer. Platinum dealers receive exclusive discounted pricing on most of our equipment.

How do I know if I qualify for platinum pricing?

You may be eligible for platinum pricing if you have a long purchase history with our company or if you’ve purchased a large quantity of products at one time. Becoming a platinum dealer requires a conservative yearly minimum order amounts. Having the ability to be a platinum level dealer allows for the most competitive pricing possible. This also enables you exclusive benefits and consideration when working with us. If you would like to see if you’re eligible for platinum pricing, fill out the form below to apply!